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Security Installations & Network Cabling Toronto, GTA & all of Ontario

3,000+ Happy Customers, But We Will Treat you Like Our First!

We help Commercial & Residential clients get quality Network Cabling and Security Installation Services in Toronto, GTA and all of Ontario! 

From Network Cabling and Fiber Optic Installation to Security Camera and Access Control Systems Installations, Citadel has you covered.

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Citadel Quality & Safety

Citadel is a trusted Network Cabling & Security Installations company serving Commercial and Residential clients in Toronto, GTA and all of Ontario. 


We specialize in high-quality services from Structured Cabling Management and Fiber Cabling to CCTV Installations and Access Control Systems.

At Citadel, we handpicked a team of professionals, who along with our specialized service partners offer full turn-key Network Design & Cabling Solutions. 


We put people before profits. Quality, Safety and Client Satisfaction are at the core of our business. Culture combined with our commitment to continuous improvement has allowed us to deliver unparalleled quality of work to clients.

Team of Certified Network Cable Installers working on a project.

From Network Cabling to Security Installations, we Promise Quality

Most clients come to us with one and the same issue. They need confidence in their networks and peace of mind for the safety of their home and business.

To deliver on this need, our services range from simple residential Security Camera and WiFi Access Point Installations to Network Cabling for warehouses, new construction, and offices.

No matter the service, our promise is constant.

To all our clients from enterprises to residential, our certified network cable installers will always deliver quality service.

Why Choose us for Network Installation Services?

We Put Quality & Security Before
Everything Else

Certified Staff

We make sure all our technicians are certified and invest in keeping our staff up to date with the latest technology. If you are looking for certified network cable installers, you've come to the right place.

15 Years Network Cabling Experience

It's not our first rodeo. We've been doing this for a very long time. Now we want to help you!

From Enterprise to Residential Solutions

We got you covered. Our team, along with our tried & proven specialized service partners can deliver on your requirements.

What our Clients Say


Angela Wilson


I am so happy we chose Citadel as the company of choice for our camera installation. The team was super responsive to my emails and answered all of my questions promptly. The installation and setup was nice, quick and clean once complete. We were educated afterwards about the system's components which was an additional bonus. Overall it was a pleasure to work with Citadel and I would 100% recommend the company.


Safe & Sound. Get Started with a 25% Discount!

What is Included Under Network Cabling Services?

  • Network cabling or fiber optic network design and installation services - designing a network and integrating multiple IT devices across CAT6, CAT5e and fiber optic cables.

  • Server rack cabling & organization - includes a number of services aimed at organizing and labeling cables in server rooms or in a data network (labeled cabling).

  • Cable Repair Services - experienced technicians diagnose and repairing cable problems or enhance existing cabling.

  • Communications cabling services - integrate multiple in-office phones that use landline connections. 

  • Network Cabling for new houses, and buildings -  building a condo, a house or a commercial building and need partners to design and setup the network cables.

Cat6 Patch panel installation example.

 Why you may need network cabling installation services

Common Scenatios When You May Need Certified Network Cabling Installaers

There is a number of common scenarios where you may need professional network cabling & fiber optic installation services. These are just some of them:

  • Cabling new buildings - we are often called to the new commercial, residential and condo buildings to assess requirements, design and implement a cable network system. Our certified low-voltage technicians then wire, test and label every cable.

  •  New Office Cabling Services - another common scenario when you may need certified network cable installers. Relocating to a new space often means updated network requirements. That's where our turn-key network management solutions come in. On projects like these, our services often include designing the network, server rack cabling, structured wiring (network wiring service), patch panel installations, data jack installation (RJ45, Cat5e, Cat6 jack installation). In addition, some projects also require additional services to connect all devices - for example, wireless access point installation.

  • Improve existing network infrastructure - our team can upgrade and transform your existing wiring infrastructure. We account for multiple factors, including minimizing disruptions for your business operations. From fiber optic installation to CAT5e, CAT6 cable upgrades.

We use fire-rate cables - FT4 CMR (Riser) or FT6 CMP (Plenum) that meet the building codes for in-wall, in-ceiling and plenum spaces. Our Certified Low-Voltage Cable Installers have all the necessary skills and tools to design, setup and test all types of cables to deliver on our promise of excellence. 

What our Clients Say


Devin McLachlan
CWP Architectural


I hired Citadel for office cabling services to help relocate to the new office location. I am grateful for their professional approach to designing the network and setting up our office space with employee desks - phones, computers, access points and everything else. I highly recommend the company!

How We Work


Discovery Call

Get one of our specialists on the phone to discuss your particular project.


On-Site Survey

More complex projects require on-site surveys, where a certified Network Cabling Technician will provide a no-obligation estimate.



We sign a contract that outlines the terms to work on.



We do the work, you get a peace of mind and confidence in your results.


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Frequently asked questions

What Network Cabling Services do you offer?

Our certified Low-Voltage Network Technicans offer - complete turn-key Network Cable Management for Offices, Residential and Commercial building, including:

  • Network System Design and Implementation
  • General Network Cabling
  • Fiber Optic Cable Installation Services
  • Server Room & Data Center Cabling
  • Computer Network Cabling
  • Data, Ethernet Wiring Services
  • Server Rack Cabling
  • Server Room Cabling
  • Data Center Cabling
  • Communication Cabling Services
  • Network Cable Repair Services and Diagnostic
We also offer additional services - for example Access Point Installations, Fiber Optic Cable Termination and Splicing, Computer Network Cabling etc.

Do you work only with structured Cat5e and Cat6 Networks?

Our certified Network Cable Installers work with all major caling types, including:

  • Cat7 cabling solutions
  • Cat6 Wiring
  • Cat6a Cabling
  • Cat5e Installation

What is included under network cabling services?

Network cabling is a broad category that includes a range of services, all laser-focused on connecting network devices into an organized system and everything that comes with it. This ranges from setting up Server Rooms according to standards to Wiring an office or a Commercial Buiding and installing network cabling and devices. When carrying out Network Structuring services our Cabling Technicians are often tasked with a range of tasks including:

  • General Network Wiring and Structuing
  • Server Room Setup
  • WiFi Access Point Installation
  • Ceiling Mount Installations
  • Data Cabinet Installations
  • Access Point Installations
  • Voice and Data Cable Installation
  • Cable terminations

What types of clients do you work with?

Our services cover both Residential and Commercial clients. However, Network Cabling applies mostly to Commercial Clients.

Our commercial clients include:

  • Offices
  • Public Companies and NGO
  • Automotive dealerships
  • Warehouses
  • Pre-Wiring for Residential Buildings
  • Commercial Buildings
  • And more.

Do you only work with businesses in Toronto?

No, our service area covers a large part of Southern Ontario and beyond. From Kitchener-Waterloo to Hamilton and Oakville through Mississauga all the way to Barrie and Oshawa.

How much does Network Cabling Installation cost?

It's a broad question and while a price usually depends on specifics, here is a couple of factors we account for in our estimates.

  • How big is the space we need to do Network Structuring for?
  • Do you require dedicated server installation?
  • Do you require Server Room setup, Server cabinet installations etc?
  • Do you need any additional services like Data cable termination?
  • Does your project include Ceiling Mount Installation services?
  • How many devices need to be connected to the network (think a single access point in a waregouse vs a hundred desks in an office)
Contact our Certified Network Cabling Technicians for a free estimate!

What brands do you work with?

We work with all major brands. This includes Belden, Panduit, Cisco, Corning, Hubbel, Uniview, Fluke Networks, Ubiquity installation, Commscope, Belden and more.

Do you offer network cabling services for home and business?

Correct, our offering includes network cabling services for residential and commercial properties. Some of the most frequent projects include:

  • Network cable installations for new condo buildings
  • Cottage network installations
  • Network installation for townhouses and houses
  • Warehouses
  • New office network cable installation
  • Office cable management
  • And more