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Patch Panel Installation Toronto & GTA

Essential Element of any Network!

Get a team of professionals to install almost any type of patch panel in Toronto, GTA and other locations across Ontario.

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Why Do You Need a Patch Panel?

What is a Patch Panel?

Patch panels are an essential component of any network run for a business. 

Attached to the network racks, patch panels are essential switches used to punch down network cables. Inside the switch, cables are usually inserted at the back, while the front part of the panel has ethernet ports for connectivity.

Patch panels manage cable connections. They receive long, permanent cables at the back, while the front has short patch cables. This type of equipment allows technicians to change the circuits of select signals.

In other words, patch panels and switches help organize the wiring for your network. The panels are designed to 

Patch panels are usually mounted on a rank as you can see in the image.

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Why Get Professional Patch Panel Installation?

Do you Need a Professional to Install a Patch Panel?

You do. No matter if you are a residential property of a commercial building. 

Patch panel installation can be complex, there is a lot to consider. From determining where the patch panel should be to mapping out the ports and connecting the patch panel to the switch that you have in your network.

All the way to labeling and otherwise properly managing the cables to make sure that you can work with your network in the future.

As a part of the patch panel installation process our team will also handle the network termination, wall mounting, cable labeling, and more. 

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What Types of Patch Panels do you Work with?

At Citadel we supply and install almost all types of patch panels starting from 6-port all the way to 96-port patch panels.

In other words, we can help you with patch panels of various sizes & configurations. We also work with various brands from Panduit and Commscope

  • 6-port

  • 12-port

  • 18-port

  • 24-port

  • 48-port

  • 96-port

We also work with patch panels of various types:

  • Category 3

  • Category 5e

  • Category 6

  • Category 6A

Office network installations using ubiquiti equipment in Toronto - Access point, Access control systems and server room equipment.

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We Put Quality & Security Before
Everything Else

Certified Staff

We make sure all our technicians are certified and invest in keeping our staff up to date with the latest technology. If you are looking for certified network cable installers, you've come to the right place.

15 Years Network Cabling Experience

It's not our first rodeo. We've been doing this for a very long time. Now we want to help you!

From Enterprise to Residential Solutions

We got you covered. Our team, along with our tried and proven specialized service partners can deliver on your requirements.


What Service Areas do you Cover?

At Citadel we deliver our service in multiple locations throughout Ontario. Locations include but are not limited to:

  • Toronto & GTA

  • Vaughan

  • Markham

  • Richmond Hill

  • Barrie & surrounding area

  • Oakville

  • Mississauga

  • Ajax

  • Oshawa

  • Hamilton

  • Whitby

  • And other locations throughout Ontario


How it Works


Discovery Call

Get one of our specialists on the phone to discuss your particular project.


On-Site Survey

More complex projects require on-site surveys, where a certified Network Cabling Technician will provide a no-obligation estimate.



We sign a contract that outlines the terms to work on.



We do the work, you get a peace of mind and confidence in your results.

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