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Security Camera Installation Waterloo

Security Camera Installations for Home & Business

Welcome to Citadel, trusted security camera installation company in Waterloo. Our services range from simple security camera installations to advanced projects that include network cabling, access point installation, access control systems, server room installation and more. Our team has experience & expertise to help with any residenti​al or commercial project.

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Security Camera Installation Waterloo

Benefits of Security Camera Installation in Waterloo?

Security camera installation can give you additional sense of security and peace of mind that your property is sage. When installing security camera systems in Waterloo, here is the benefits our clients talk about:

  • Deterrence of criminal activity - the presence of security cameras acts as a deterrent for criminal activities such as theft, vandalism, and burglary. Potential offenders are less likely to target properties that have visible surveillance cameras.

  • Data collection - security cameras provide valuable evidence in case something happens. 

  • Remote monitoring - our security cameras can be accessed remotely through smartphones or other devices. This allows homeowners and business owners to monitor their property in real-time, even when they are away.

  • Increased safety - security cameras not only prevent external threats but also enhance the safety of occupants. They can help identify potential hazards such as fires, leaks, or accidents, enabling swift action to be taken.

  • Enhanced productivity and efficiency - security cameras can be used in commercial settings to ensure company policies are followed. This can help improve productivity and efficiency, as well as discourage dishonest behavior.

  • Insurance benefits - installing security cameras may lead to reduced insurance premiums for homeowners and businesses, as it lowers the risk of theft and damage. Insurance companies often offer discounts for properties with security camera systems in place.

  • Peace of mind - knowing that your property is protected by security cameras can bring peace of mind to homeowners and business owners. They can rest assured that their property is being monitored and that any potential threats will be detected.

Overall, installing security cameras in Waterloo offers a range of benefits. Get a FREE estimate today!

Security Camera Systems Waterloo

Popular Security Camera Packages we Offer in Waterloo

Our outdoor security camera packages include professional Video Surveillance equipment, a recorder plus security camera installation services. Complete with:

  • Infrared cameras (night vision)

  • Extreme weather protection for outdoor security cameras

  • Vandal-proof 

  • Two Colors - white or dark grey

  • Remote security camera solution allows viewing from a cellphone

  • Free iPad with the purchase of any security camera package of four or more cameras

Pricing includes WiFi security cameras, NVR and home security camera installation.
View your IP cameras from your cell phone or TV.

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3K, 4 Cameras Digital Noise Reduction+ Video Recorder

Package: 1520p - IPC3614LR3-PF28(40)-D


  • 1x8 channel h.264+/3K Recording

  • 4xIP Outdoor IR Turret Cameras

  • 2.8mm lens

  • 1x1TB HDD built-in

  • 2-year warranty


4K, 4 Top of the line Cameras + Video Recorder

Package: 2160p- IPC3618LR3-DPF28(40)-F


  • 1x8 channel h.264+/4K Recording

  • 4xIP Outdoor IR turret Cameras

  • 2.8mm lens

  • 1x2TB HDD built-in

  • 2-year warranty

Security-Camera-Installation-Toronto - IPC3618SB-ADF28KMC-I0 copy.jpg

4K, Best Seller Built-in Microphone, Intelligent Light & Audible Warning

Package: IPC3618SB-ADF28(40)KMC-I0


  • 1x8 channel h.264+/3K Recording

  • 4xIP Outdoor IR Turret Cameras  Built-in Mic

  • Motion Detection

  • Audible warning & light warning when intrusion is detected

  • 2.8mm lens

  • 1x2TB HDD built-in

  • 2-year warranty

Benefits of Professional Security Camera Installation Services

Why Choose Professional Security Camera Installers?

Working with security camera equipment daily, we see different cases & and scenarios. The most frequently mentioned benefits of professional security camera installation service include these and other benefits.


  • Expertise & experience - our team has specialized knowledge and experience in the installation and setup of security camera systems. We can help with all technical aspects involved, such as camera placement, wiring, and network configuration, ensuring that the cameras are installed properly for optimal performance.

  • Quality installation - professional installers have the necessary tools and equipment to install security cameras correctly. They ensure that the cameras are securely mounted, aligned, and connected properly to the recording device or monitoring system. This ensures optimal functionality and reduces the risk of issues or malfunctions in the future.

  • Customization and system design - our team can assess your specific security needs and recommend a tailored solution for your property. We can help you determine the ideal number and type of cameras, as well as advise on the best locations for installation to achieve maximum coverage.

  • Integration with existing systems - if you have an existing security system or want to integrate your cameras with other security features like alarms or access control systems, professional installers have the expertise to seamlessly integrate these components into a comprehensive security solution.

  • Ongoing support and maintenance - professional installers often provide ongoing support and maintenance services for your security camera system. They can help with troubleshooting any issues that may arise, perform regular maintenance tasks like cleaning lenses or updating firmware, and provide guidance on how to use and manage your system effectively.

  • Warranty & insurance - our work comes with a warranty, which provides peace of mind knowing that any potential issues will be resolved. 

  • Time - installing security cameras yourself can be time-consuming and challenging, particularly if you lack technical knowledge. 


Hiring a professional security camera installation team will save you time and effort, allowing you to focus on other important tasks while the installers take care of the entire installation process. Working on security cameras for your property and need help? Talk to one of our experts today!

What our Clients Say


Angela Wilson


I am so happy we chose Citadel as the company of choice for our camera installation. The team was super responsive to my emails and answered all of my questions promptly. The installation and setup was nice, quick and clean once complete. We were educated afterwards about the system's components which was an additional bonus. Overall it was a pleasure to work with Citadel and I would 100% recommend the company.


Security Cameras Installed in Waterloo

Types of Security Cameras we Can Help Install

Security camera installations can benefit a wide range of properties, both residential and commercial, by enhancing safety, deterring crime, and providing valuable surveillance. Here are some types of properties that can benefit from security camera installation:

There are several types of security cameras available in the market, and professional installers can help with the installation of any of these types. Here are some common types of security cameras:


  • Dome Cameras - these cameras have a dome-shaped design and are commonly used for indoor and outdoor surveillance. They provide a wide viewing angle and come in both vandal-proof and weatherproof options.

  • Bullet Cameras  - bullet cameras are prolonged in shape and often used for outdoor monitoring. They have a longer range and may be a good choice for some areas of your property.

  • PTZ Cameras - stands for Pan-Tilt-Zoom. These cameras can be remotely controlled to pan, tilt, and zoom in on specific areas or objects. They offer great flexibility and can cover large areas with their ability to rotate 360 degrees.

  • Thermal Cameras - thermal cameras use heat-sensing technology to capture images based on the temperature difference between objects. They are excellent for detecting heat signatures and are commonly used in areas where there is low visibility or at night.

  • Outdoor Cameras - specifically designed for outdoor use, these cameras are rugged, weather-resistant, and capable of withstanding various environmental conditions like rain, snow, and extreme temperatures.

  • Indoor Cameras - indoor cameras are designed for indoor use and may offer features like two-way audio, motion detection, and night vision. They are typically smaller and blend seamlessly with indoor decor.


Our team can assess your specific security needs and recommend the most suitable type of camera or combination of cameras to meet your requirements. Talk to one of our experts today & get a FREE iPad with some of the security camera packages in Waterloo!

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