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Security Camera Installation Company Vaughan

Quality Security Camera Installation Services for Peace of Mind.

We offer a range of security camera solutions for home & business, including security camera installations, security system installation, network cabling, surveillance systems, alarm systems, tv mounting and more.

Trust your security camera system installations to a proven team of certified installers. Get 20% OFF the CCTV installation today!

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Professional Security Camera System Installation Vaughan

Clients come to us for peace of mind. We help them feel confident that everything is ok with their home by setting up business & home security cameras, alarm systems, network cabling, access points installations and other services offered by expert Technicians in Vaughan and beyond.

Security cameras & access control systems help prevent vandalism. In addition, WiFi security cameras let our clients check up on their home and business at any time, from anywhere! This way, you can always be certain that your property is safe and secure.

But security camera installations are not the only thing you need. Many of our projects include a broader scope complete with security system installation, network cabling, access control system installation, WiFi access point installation, TV mounting and more.

Depending on your objectives, our team of certified Network Cabling Technicians can take on as much or as little work as you like. From designing a cabling solution for your new home to setting up multiple pieces of equipment and fine-tuning them to work as one. All our services are performed by certified Network Cabling Technicians to the highest industry standard.

Our installation process includes everything you may need - from network design to installations, and training our clients on how to use their security camera systems.

Home Security Cameras installed on a residential building



Mona Caplan
Residential Client


I worked with Citadel on wiring my home and security system setup. They were a pleasure to work with. I was happy with the pricing, product, professionalism and expertise were outstanding; I highly recommend Citadel for any size job. Thye responded quickly to any questions we had, the installation was done on time as promised and they followed up with training and set up on all of our devices.

Security Camera Packages - Discounts & Offers

Some of Our Best Security Camera Deals

Our indoor & outdoor security camera packages include professional Video Surveillance equipment, a recorder and security camera installation services. Complete with:

  • Infrared cameras (night vision)

  • Vandal-proof 

  • Extreme weather protection for outdoor security cameras

  • Two Colors - white or dark grey

  • Remote security camera solution allows viewing from a cellphone

  • Perfect as a commercial & home security camera solution

Pricing includes WiFi security cameras, NVR and home security camera installation.
View your IP cameras from your cell phone or TV.

UNV-04KIT3612 best security camera package of four IP security cameras.

2K, 4 Cameras + Video Recorder
Limited Time Offer: Get 20% Off

Package: 1080p

  • 1x4 channel h.264+/4K Recording

  • 4xIP Outdoor IR Dome Cameras

  • 2.8mm lens

  • 1x1TB HDD built-in

  • 2-year warranty

UNV-3615SB-ADF28KM Security cameras package - our WiFi Security Cameras.

3K, 4 Cameras + Video Recorder
Limited Time Offer: Get 20% Off

Package: 1920p

  • 1x4 channel h.264+/4K Recording

  • 4xIP Outdoor IR Dome Cameras

  • 2.8mm lens

  • 1x2TB HDD built-in

  • 2-year warranty

UNV-8CHIP-KIT Wireless Security Camera Package and a recorder for Home and Business.

4K, 6 IP Cameras + Video Recorder
Limited Time Offer: Get 20% Off

Package: 2160p

  • 1x4 channel h.264+/4K Recording

  • 4xIP Outdoor IR Dome Cameras

  • 2.8mm lens

  • 1x2TB HDD built-in

  • 2-year warranty

Why do You Need Professional Security Camera Installation Company?

Security is a process that you need to approach with a lot of thought. The trick is to find the best security camera solution and install it in a manner that provides the best visibility to you, the viewer. In addition, to make it act as prevention, you need to find the right spot where your security camera system can be seen by potential intruders.

Professional security camera installers will help you design your security solution from scratch to accomplish both of those goals. 

In addition, based on your specific requirements we will advise on any additional needs you may have - from an access system that can integrate with your security cameras to more generalized services like access point installation or network cabling to enable other systems in your home and business. 

Lock your 20% discount and get a free no-obligation estimate today!

Outdoor Security Camera Package Example of the picture.

Best WiFi  IP Security Camera Packages

What are the Types of Security Cameras for Home & Business?

Best Outdoor Security Cameras:

  • Dome cameras -  these cameras have the advantage of being located under a protective dome. The cameras can move inside the dome providing a wider angle of surveillance. 

  • Home CCTV Cameras - a home security camera system that often comes in a package of four to six cameras. Ideal for areas that require increased surveillance, where a contrast between indoor and outdoor lighting may pose a challenge.

  • WiFi Security Cameras - an affordable option. These types of cameras are good for households that are looking to implement a security camera system on a tight budget.

  • Bullet Cameras - easy to install, ideal for long-range viewing areas, such as driveways and parking lots. These cameras are designed to protect from the glare and the weather. 

  • Motion-detector cameras - the camera with a capability to alert you of any suspicious activity detected.  Some of the modern solutions also include AI software built-in. This allows the camera to react to specific This type of security camera combines a motion-sensors with a camera and potentially a software solution that activates the camera under certain circumstances.

  • Day/Night Cameras - ideal for 24/7 monitoring or areas that are low in light. Day/Night cameras have a built-in extra sensitive imaging chip that can be used at night. As a result, they don't require an additional infrared illuminator.

  • HD CCTV Cameras - high-quality surveillance cameras for commercial use. HD Cameras are used in areas that require special protection, such as banks or casinos. These types of cameras have the ability to enlarge the image while delivering excellent quality video. 

  • Indoor security cameras - there is a number of options in this category. Cameras are designed to monitor indoor activity and come in Infrared (IR) and daylight cameras. Ideal for households that have pets or extra valuable items they need to protect.


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