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CCTV Security Camera Installation Newmarket & Aurora

Professional Security Camera Installation Services, Serving Homes & Businesses in Newmarket

Citadel is a Newmarket Security Installations and Network Cabling company. Our certified technicians offer a number of services, all performed to the highest industry standard. From Home Security Camera Installations to professional Network Cabling, Server Room setup and Access Point Installation services, we are here to help!

All our services are performed with a top-level of care and to the highest standard. Get started with a special offer today!

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Why you Need Professional Security Camera Installation Services in Newmarket?

Most of our clients come to us for peace of mind. It's not the security camera installation, network cabling or access point installation services they need, it's a certainty that all installation work is done properly and they can be certain their home and office are safe and sound.

In the case of Security Camera Installation Services, it's not just about getting the professional work, it's also about designing a solution appropriate for the objectives of the client, as well as fitting the security cameras into a larger Home or Business Security System.

There is no one fits all approach. Our certified technicians' design solutions aimed at achieving your goals. From the selection of the right security cameras to the strategic placement of the indoor and outdoor security cameras inside your home, office, warehouse or business.

Network wiring, home and office security solutions, access control systems need to come together into a holistic system designed to work together. 


Digital Video Surveillance Installation Services Newmarket

Security Camera Packages for Home & Business

Citadel range of home & business security camera packages. All our packages are complete with CCTV security camera installations, professional video surveillance equipment, client training and more. These are just of the features included in the UNV security camera packages offered by Citadel:

  • Vandal-proof security cameras

  • Infrared cameras - night vision

  • Outdoor security cameras complete with extreme weather protection

  • Security cameras in two colors - white or dark grey

  • Remote security camera solution allows viewing from a cellphone

Our best security camera packages include WiFi security cameras, NVR, home & business security camera installation services. Plus the remote viewing capabilities, so you can view your camera from wherever you are via your phone or computer.

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Best Home Security Camera Package

3K, 4 Cameras Digital Noise Reduction+ Video Recorder
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Package: 1520p - IPC3614LR3-PF28(40)-D


  • 1x8 channel h.264+/3K Recording

  • 4xIP Outdoor IR Turret Cameras

  • 2.8mm lens

  • 1x1TB HDD built-in

  • 2-year warranty

4 Security Camera Package.

3K, 4 Cameras  Built-in Microphone + Video Recorder
Limited Time Offer: Get 15% Off

Package: 1520p- IPC3614SR3-ADPF28(40)-F


  • 1x8 channel h.264+/3K Recording

  • 4xIP Outdoor IR Turret Cameras  Built-in Mic

  • 2.8mm lens

  • 1x2TB HDD built-in

  • 2-year warranty

2160p- IPC3618LR3-DPF28(40)-F Security Camera Package four cameras Toronto.

4K, 4 Top of the line Cameras + Video Recorder
Limited Time Offer: Get 15% Off

Package: 2160p- IPC3618LR3-DPF28(40)-F


  • 1x8 channel h.264+/4K Recording

  • 4xIP Outdoor IR turret Cameras

  • 2.8mm lens

  • 1x2TB HDD built-in

  • 2-year warranty



Mona Caplan
Residential Client


I worked with Citadel. They were a pleasure to work with. I was happy with the pricing, product, professionalism and expertise were outstanding; I highly recommend the company for any size job. They responded quickly to any questions we had, the installation was done on time as promised. Plus they followed up with training and did a set up on all of our devices.

Top of the line Residential & Commercial CCTV Surveillance Systems Newmarket

What sets our security camera installers apart is professionalism. Our certified security camera installation experts will give you insights that won't necessarily come to mind to a non-professional.

For example, one of the tricks often used in security camera packages for home and business is to design your security camera system in a way that provides the best visibility for you but is visible to potential intruders. 

Citadel's security camera installers are trained to design custom security solutions that give you these and other obvious and hidden benefits.

Before we dive into security system setup, we take our time thinking big and designing the overall security system if needed. From access control systems that can potentially integrate with your security cameras to more generalized services like access point installation or network cabling to enable other systems in your home and business. Because we take everything into account our network cabling, security camera installations and other services are reliable. Because we plan the network to include each of these devices.

Lock your 15% discount and get started with a free no-obligation estimate today!

Commercial Outdoor Security Camera System with Nightvision.
Business CCTV Surveillance system with full color image.

Security Cameras for Home & Commercial Use, Newmarket & Beyond

A high-quality surveillance camera equipment is a must-have to watch after your home and business. This requires multiple factors to come together - from the top-notch quality CCTV cameras to professional surveillance system installations for businesses and homes. In addition for more complicated commercial security systems, you may need to include design and network cabling services.

Our certified technicians are trained to perform installations of home security cameras and other equipment to the highest standard. No matter how big or small your home or business is, our systems will work for you all day and all night!

Our services are available in Newmarket and surrounding areas - Aurora, Cherry, Oak Ridges and beyond.

Call today for professional CCTV installation services for small to large homes & commercial security camera systems in Newmarket and the surrounding areas.


Safe & Sound. Get Started with a Special Offer!

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