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Professional Data, Network Cabling & Fiber Optic Installation for Peace of Mind.

Your source for professional network cabling services, from data cabling, and structured cabling to fiber optic installation for residential and commercial properties in Vaughan and surrounding areas.

Work With the Best

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Your Source of Data, Voice & Fiber Optic Cabling Services in Vaughan

Welcome to Citadel. We offer a range of quality network cabling services, including data cabling, structured cabling and fiber optic installation for residential and commercial properties in Vaughan and surrounding areas. 

Our services include Cat6a, Cat5e cabling installations, fiber optic cable terminations, cable removal services, office floor cable installation and management service and much more.

Our quality services are often used for new homes and offices, that are moving, looking to upgrade their networks for the new requirements or need testing for their networks to find network issues and replace some of the old cables that you have in place.

Example of structured cabling for server room setup services

Who can Benefit from Network Cabling Services, Server Room Setup and Structured Cabling?

We are often called for data and voice cabling services in the Vaughan area. 

Our work together usually starts with a free no-obligation quote. Once the scope is approved, a team of certified technicians is sent over to your property to begin the work.

While our services can work in many other scenarios, some of our most frequent clients include new construction projects - homes, offices, cottages, large commercial buildings - from shopping centers to warehouses and manufacturing facilities, car dealerships, restaurants etc.

No matter the project, we always know that our clients require top-quality work delivered to them. After all, clients come to us for peace of mind, knowing that their network is set up to the highest standard.

What our Clients Say


Devin McLachlan
CWP Architectural


I hired Citadel for office cabling services to help relocate to the new office location. I am grateful for their professional approach to designing the network and setting up our office space with employee desks - phones, computers, access points and everything else. I highly recommend the company!

Our network cable installation services often include

Network Cabling Setup from Data & Fiber Optic Installation to Structured Cabling 

​There is more than one scenario when you may want professional Network Cable installers to help. Below are some of the most common projects our team is involved in:

  • Homes - if you are building a new home or a cottage, you may need network setup services from certified Technicians.

  • New buildings - new home cabling is a separate category of project that requires lots of planning and due diligence, but we use proven techniques to do it.

  • IT Offices - most often need server room setup, data center wiring etc.

  • Businesses that need office cabling, network setup with phones and internet cabling.

  • Warehouses - network cabling for large buildings -  warehouses, shopping malls, manufacturing facilities and even car dealerships are also something we can help with.

  • Hotels - tend to have lots of special requirements to make sure their guests are safe.

  • Schools - another type of property where we can help with network setup and cabling for the internet and other cables.

Why Choose us for Network Installation Vaughan?

We Put Quality & Security Before
Everything Else

Certified Staff

We make sure all our technicians are certified and invest in keeping our staff up to date with the latest technology. If you are looking for certified network cable installers, you've come to the right place.

15 Years Network Cabling Experience

It's not our first rodeo. We've been doing this for a very long time. Now we want to help you!

From Enterprise to Residential Solutions

We got you covered. Our team, along with our tried & proven specialized service partners can deliver on your requirements.

How We Work


Discovery Call

Get one of our specialists on the phone to discuss your particular project.


On-Site Survey

More complex projects require on-site surveys, where a certified Network Cabling Technician will provide a no-obligation estimate.



We sign a contract that outlines the terms to work on.



We do the work, you get a peace of mind and confidence in your results.


Quality Service for your Business & your Home.


Fiber Optic Cabling

Fiber Cabling & Termination


Cat 6 Cabling


Cat 6a Cabling


Cable Removal


Rack & Cabinet Installation


Get a Limited Time Offer and Let's Get Started!

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